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And, I like to photograph things in lieu of words some days.

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Four Weeks


Organ donation is a sort of slippery slope.  On one hand you're saving lives.  On the other hand, you're discussing a pretty grisly set of procedures.  And in general, the conversations are happening while people are grieving.

I don't envy the coordinators.

I attended my second AACN presentation last night.  The topic was the organ procurement process and the events, both pre and post, surrounding the process.  It's a pretty sophisticated system here where I live.  I'd assume it's as sophisticated in other places, but I couldn't say for sure.

The eerie part of the evening was where the organ coordination agency described their organ harvesting facility.  Apparently they have an ICU and several ORs where they can transfer vented patients that are completely brainstem dead and eligible for harvesting.  Granted, that number is very small, but it conjured up images of the film "Coma."

It also made me think of potential jobs.


One month left.  Isn't that scary.

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