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Three Weeks

Last week we went, as student nurses, to our state capitol to learn about the legislative process as it relates to nursing.  The commercial aspect of all the NCLEX prep exam vendors aside, it was pretty informative.
And pretty frackin' scary.

It's amazing how legislative policy designates what is and what is not considered patient care.  The scope of X Y and Z nursing procedures are determined by people who are not, and never will, be nurses.  Even worse, it seems that there are very few RNs in my state who actually stand up and attempt to make a difference in the law as it relates to nursing.

Where I once found apathy in the GLBT community, now I'm seeing it rear its ugly head in nursing.

The speakers at our conference were quick to point out that we, as a group of soon to be new graduate nurses, need to take our time and focus on becoming skilled practitioners.  Then, once we have a handle on the actual practice of nursing, we need to step up to the plate and help control the destiny of nursing as it relates to our careers and our professions.

A heavy task indeed.


I've signed up for summer school.  No time like the present I suppose.  I'll be taking Child Psychology online in order to round out my entrance requirements for an online RN to BSN program.  Somehow I know that if I put it off I'll be in big trouble.

Momentum is momentum, right?

The course only runs eight weeks, but I suspect it'll be a heavy dose of writing.  Which, to be honest, I haven't done much of in nursing school.  I feel like my skills are slipping.  Outside of this blog I seldom write much.
That needs to change.


In three weeks I will be graduating from college.  The original plan was to graduate in 1998 from University of Illinois at Chicago with my BSN and move right into my PharmD work.

See how well that worked?

This time it's so different.  I'm more me than I've ever been.  Focused, engaged, and ready to challenge myself with the kind of career that will, for ever and ever, evolve.

Two years ago I started this crazy journey, one of many along the path of a pretty good life thus far.  In a few short weeks it will end and a new cycle will begin.

The real question, the one I keep asking myself, is where will I be two years from now?

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