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And, I like to photograph things in lieu of words some days.

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I'm Here!

Well I'm here in Washington, D.C. The city that isn't in a state yet part of the union, the capitol of the world. I mean the capitol of the United States. Home of el Presidente, FLOTUS, and a whole bunch of people I'd love the chance to meet. Or even see. I'm lookin' at you Ruth Bader-Ginsburg (I think I'd pass out if I met her.)

First impressions...

An inch of snow freaks this town out. Five inches is borderline panic. And they don't know what cold weather is up in here, up in here. 32F is lovely to me, awful to them. I walk past people cocooned in their faux hooded-down coats every five feet with my buzz-cut and 180s wearing thin leather gloves.

The architecture is new and old, beautiful and less than so, and a heady mix of very short buildings and not so short, but hardly tall. Apparently nothing can be taller than the Capitol building. I already miss skyscrapers.

I keep confusing capital, capitol, and Capitol. And Columbia with Colombia.

So far I've only had good food. That was a huge concern. Tacos that hit it out of the park, a Cubano sandwich I'm currently craving, Chinese that was delicious, and a French bistro that I need to get back to soon. All win. Next up, Korean, Greek, and hopefully some good Japanese (not sushi).

The Metro is terribly convenient but far more expensive than the CTA. The buses are way more comfortable than Chicagos'.

It's like I'm in a combination of Evanston and Hyde Park with a side of Uptown everywhere I go. That makes me feel truly comfortable.

The MUSEUMS! EHR-MA-GHERD there is some breathtaking stuff here and I've barely scratched the surface.

I've only been at my hospital for a single day and only in the ED for an hour or so. The pulse and the energy set my mind a-buzz.

Holy frakkin' shizz, I'm going to be an ED Nurse.

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