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And, I like to photograph things in lieu of words some days.

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Ativan with a side of Haldol

And so it came to pass that I found myself withdrawing a mL of oily lorazepam into a syringe using the longest 18Ga I could find. In the bed nearby, a PCP patient was thrashing under the weight of two nurses, two cops, and a tech, each of them double my size, trying their best to secure the four-point restraints.

If the patient weighed less than 300lbs I'd be surprised.

Savage. Strong. Full of vim and vigor. PCP is a hell of a drug.

So is Ativan with a side of Haldol.

And you're gonna hear me roooaar.

Stabbity-stabbity, and within minutes, the mass of flesh that was once trembling with angry confusion lay serenely still, HR 85, NSR, breathing 16, pressure 128/86, POx 100% RA.

Fuck me. I'm an ER nurse.

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