This site contains the highly fictionalized ramblings of a raconteur looking for a place in the medical world. The vignettes presented are cobbled together from various and sundry places.  Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

And, I like to photograph things in lieu of words some days.


Night. As It Should Be. 


Morning Waves


26th & State


Bus Stop



I thought I knew stress.

A first date?  Stressful.

A job interview for a position I desperately wanted?  Yep, stress.

Stress, the kind that makes you sweat, keeps you up at night, and generally stands there in your mind, gently prodding your vital bits and pieces, sending them into a frenzy, was something I thought I knew how to deal with.

Frakking hell I was wrong.

Year one of nursing school is over.  One down, one to go.

Last year I thought I was hot shit.  I thought I knew stuff.  My experience actually working in hospitals led me to believe I’d be able to cope with life, school, and work, taking very few bumps along the way.


In the last month, a friend received a terminal diagnosis, a family member became critically ill, a friend of the family had a stroke, many Very Bad Things happened at work with patients, I had to choose a lottery number and register for my Fall classes, and took not one, but two final exams; both summaries of my first year as a Student Nurse, each taught from a completely different set of textbooks.  With different “most correct” answers.

The new grey hairs in my beard are worn with pride.  But excuse me if I never want to go through that emotional roller coaster ever again.

Something tells me that isn’t an option.

In the fall I begin my fast and furious rotations.  Five weeks each of Psych, OB, and Med Surg.  Two of the rotations will be in a hospital I know well, but on units I’ve never seen.  The little bit of familiarity is comforting, as my schedule will ramp up from a 7 hour semester to a 12 hour one.

Full time baby.  Gah.

Aside from the mysteries of the mind, the uterus, and more advanced procedures, I’m going to be rotating through six different instructors in a short span of time.  Selfishly I had the same clinical and classroom teacher for the last two semesters.  No more of that.  Time to meet a slew of new personalities.

The biggest upshot, by far grander than even a familiar hospital, is the circle of friends I’ll have in clinical and classroom.  Some good people will be joining me on the ride, people I study with and trust explicitly.  We’ve navigated the waters this far, and have another year to get through.

At least we’ll do it together.

All I want right now is a vacation.  That’s so far from anything I can actually do at the moment, it’s a bit depressing.  Instead, with Oberon on my lap, I’ll be playing Bioshock 2 during my little pockets of downtime.

Now excuse me while I return to Rapture.




Randolph & Michigan


Old Bio Lab


The Old Neighborhood 


Uptown Mural